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Compact Multi-modeCW Fiber Lasers

Compact Multi-mode CW Fiber Lasers at 10kW/12kW/15kW

(10kW Compact Multi-mode CW Fiber Laser)     (12kW Compact Multi-mode CW Fiber Laser)      (12kW Compact Multi-mode CW Fiber Laser)
1. Features & Advantages

High Output Power: Single fiber output laser power can be 15kW
High Beam Quality: Beam quality β (15kW single fiber output): less than 4
Spectrum Properties:SRS suppression ratio: more than 20dB
Central wavelength: Can be customizable between 1060nm to 1090nm
Compact and Lightweight Design:
Weight: 220kg, 310kg, 400kg for 10kW, 12kW, 15kW models, respectively
Volume (10kW model): Less than 0.27m3
High Reliability:The product passes the standard and severe environment tests (temperature cycling test, vibration test, damp heat test, etc.).
Special requirements such as salt fog prevention and extreme temperature storage are optional.

2. Technical Parameters

   Main SpecificationsDGMM10000ADGMM12000ADGMM15000A
Output Power (W)100001200015000
Operation ModeCW
Beam Quality β<3.5<4<4
Output Fiber Diameter (μm)5050/100
Delivery Cable Length (m)3~5
Central Wavelength (nm)1060~1090
Spectral Width (20dB RMS) (nm)< 7
Output Power Range (%)1~100
Power Stability (%)<±2
Polarization StateRandom
Optical InterfaceFiber/QBH/Collimator (Beam Diameter 10~40mm, optional)
 Red LaserYES
Control ModeRS422/CAN
Power SupplyDC (AC380V, optional)
Electro-optical Conversion Efficiency (%)≥40
Power Consumption (kW)<27<36<45
CoolingWater Cooling, (25±1)℃
 Flux Requirement (L/min)>55>75>90
Dimensions (mm)905×485×615905×675×615905×755×620
Weight (kg)220~230310~325400~420

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