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Industrial Multi-modeCW Fiber Lasers

Industrial Multi-mode CW Fiber Lasers at 6kW/8kW/10kW

(6kW Multi-mode Laser)                             (8kW Multi-mode Laser)                             (10kW Multi-mode Laser)

1. Features & Advantages

Superior Beam Quality: Beam quality M2 less than 5 & BPP less than 1.7mm∙mrad
Strong Anti-reflection Capacity: With a strong anti-reflection capacity, the laser can be stably applied to high reflectance, non-ferrous metal processing.
High Electro-optical Conversion Efficiency: Electro-optical conversion efficiency: No less than 40%
High Reliability:The cabinet is designed according to IP65 level, and passes several environment tests (temperature cycling test, vibration test, damp heat test, etc.)

2. Technical Parameters

     Main SpecificationsDGMM6000DGMM8000DGMM10000
Output Power (W)6000800010000
Central Wavelength (nm)1080±10
Operation ModeCW/Modulate
Beam Quality M²5557
Beam Quality BPP (mm∙mrad)
Output Fiber Diameter (μm)505050100
Delivery Cable Length (m)15151020
Output Power Range (%)5~100
Power Stability (%)<±2
Max. Modulation Frequency (Hz) 5000
Polarization StateRandom
Optical InterfaceQBHQD
Red LaserYES
Control ModeRS232/AD/Ethernet
Power SupplyAC340V~420V 50/60Hz
Electro-optical Conversion Efficiency (%)≥40
Power Consumption (kW)1827
CoolingWater cooling, (25±2)℃ 
 Flux Requirement (L/min)>55>80
Dimensions (L×W×H)
1180×815×1200 (without air conditioner)
1370×815×1200 (with air conditioner)
Weight (kg) 490530

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